Our innovative solutions for education

Our education technology portfolio delivers improved learning, teaching, operations and analytics to schools, school systems and higher education providers. Developed by World Mosaic or our partners from across the globe, we tailor each solution to your local requirements – implemented anywhere in the world, supported and continually improved. Let’s start with our learning solutions.

Where Web conference lessons are no longer just a student listen along

Yes, Rev’s Web conferencing capabilities are remarakble in their own right, but Rev offers a whole lot more – a well rounded digital learning environment that traverses remote, hybrid and onsite learning combinations, providing a more reliable, personalised and consistent learning experience. Rev overcomes the sense of chop and change that we have experienced in recent times. With Rev, students and educators have everything in one place. Rev is available in K-12, home tutoring and higher education and workplace learning versions:

  • Rev School for K12 classes, schools and districts/jurisdictions
  • Rev Tutors for the home tutoring segment
  • Rev Campus for higher education, corporate learning and development and other course-based adult learning settings.

Educators appreciate Rev’s depth, as evident in the featured video.

WOW! Inquiry-based learning

WOW! inquiry-based learning program

WOW! is an integrated inquiry-based learning program for 5th to 12th grade/year students. It is also a significant opportunity for teachers to acance from a proficient to highly accomplihed level. WOW! provides schools and districts a much needed operational framework to scale project-based learning, research skills, personalized learning and formative assessment. Our international team also shows up to support your teachers as they relish the learning curve. The WOW! program blends STEM, social studies and ELA/language elements. WOW! also evolves for each student as they move through school, refining and exploiting their research skills and interests to grow in agency, setting them up for better academic and life skills outcomes in creative arts, enterprise education and service learning/careers. Take a look at WOW! for your school.

Professional Learning for teachers and principals

mme moe is a teacher and principal coaching app based on reflective practice and a growth mindset. Local teacher professional standards come loaded in mme moe. ‘mme’ stands for maximising my effectiveness as a teacher. ‘moe’ stands for managing our effectiveness as a school/campus. mme moe overcomes the barriers and pitfalls of traditional performance management and PD measures.

Integrated K-10 curriculum

Inspire is a thematic curriculum for UK and US primary, elementary and middle schools, aligned to their respective national and state curriculum standards. The program is ideal for schools and school systems seeking to methodically scale up project-based learning and more authentic and engaging pedagogy (and heutagogy) for student learning that incorporates technology. Inspire includes lesson guides, STEM resources, onsite and remote professional development support, all mapped to your local standards. Samples of Inspire units are available on request.

Flash to HTML5 content conversion and enhancement
Flash Factory is Mosaic’s low-cost, high quality service to convert learning content from Flash to HTML5 and App formats. As conversion is undertaken, customers have a cost-effective option to let our intructional and design specialists enhance the interactivity, cognitive purpose and local relevance of the content, incorporating touch screen gestures, simulations and learning challenges, building out a more robust curriculum experience, tuned to cultural requirements.


Interactive digital content collection

BigBox  is World Mosaic’s interactive multi-faceted learning app. BigBox digital learning resources and tools are highly interactive, contemporary, and guide guiding learners through Bloom’s Taxonomy. BigBox is not just another education app, it is multi-faceted, challenging and engaging students. Supporting virtually all devices, online or offline, BigBox is a companion service to Flash Factory and Inspire. Send us a request to review BigBox for your school, school system or education development project. B2B white label BigBox enquiries are also welcome.

Digital literacy toolset
Schools, districts and colleges increasingly seek to develop students’ skills as young researchers, writers, thinkers, collaborators and editors. Digital and critical literacy are vital skills. Yahki provides powerful opportunities for students to develop these skills and to apply them to their learning across the entire curriculum. Yahki is a social learning toolset to develop students’ (and teachers’) information literacy and 21st Century skills. Yahki’s digital content curation, mash-up and safe collaboration tools are unrivalled in their simplicity and effectiveness.

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