Flash to HTML5 education content conversion

The situation across education worldwide:

  • Tons of legacy Flash content
  • Millions of mobile devices, including tablets
  • Much of the mobile ecosystem doesn’t support Flash content
  • Usually, there are content conversion issues:
    • What’s the right strategy? (native App, HTML5)?
    • Where’s the ROI for mobile enablement?
    • Can I extend my content asset user base?
    • Technology seems complicated with all the options
  • Once converted, content is usually turned back to the existing user base, missing the opportunity to generate revenue by making the ‘liberated’ content available to a wider, global market.


Flash Factory and BigBox work together

Flash Factory is the Flash-to-App and Flash-to-HTML5 conversion service available to Flash content owners. BigBox is the global repository and eStore for the converted content. The outcome of Flash Factory and BigBox is that:

  • Flash content can be converted to play on virtually any device
  • The converted content can also be made available for purchase, or at no charge if under Creative Commons license, to the global business to business, government to government, institutional, and consumer markets,thus generating revenue for content owners
  • So BigBox can increase each content owner’s return on conversion investment.

We provide:

  • Quote for mobile enablement
  • Conversion of content to mobile-friendly format
  • A listing in the BigBox marketplace
  • Choice of App or mobile browser access
  • Full learner and learning management functions
  • Subscription management. eCommerce, community access
  • Platform management and detailed reporting
  • Cloud-hosted content server with high availability and scalability features.

You provide:

  • Access to current Flash content
  • FLA’s (Flash file format) to current content with storyboards and documentation.

Service options


  • Flex-based Flash conversion model
  • App-only access to content
  • Lower cost and faster
  • All BigBox store features are included.

Full service:

  • HTML5 conversion
  • Future-proof
  • Mobile browser as well as App based access
  • Higher cost
  • Content augmentation is easier.

Commercial models:

  • Conversion cost for content – one time
  • Platform hosting and management charges – ongoing (higher of base fee or a percentage of revenues)
  • Content subscription revenue back to content owners ongoing.