World Mosaic companies

World Mosaic companies and businesses serve the education technology industry, government and private education systems and consumers. World Mosaic Pty Ltd, incorporated in NSW Australia, owns and operates:

  • Private Mosaic, our global education technology market development and consulting business
  • Government Mosaic, our education technology consulting and professional services business serving governments and agencies worldwide
  • Marketing Mosaic, our high-stakes education technology events and investment round support business serving entrepreneurs
  • Flash Factory, our education Flash to HTML5 content conversion and enrichment business
  • BigBox, our constructivist learning app business
  • Inspire, our integrated curriculum development business
  • WOW!, our real-world PreK-12 Computer Science education business
  • Rev, our multi-faceted literacy and numeracy remediation initiative.

World Mosaic is also a significant shareholder in the following companies it co-developed:

  • mme moe Pty Ltd, incorporated in NSW Australia, a professional coaching software and services company serving education and other industries
  • Yahki Pty Ltd, incorporated in NSW Australia, a storytelling and assignment  blogging platform for learning  communities.

World Mosaic, its business units and subsidiaries, operate across the globe. Find out more about our people, history, newscustomers and clients.