Rev – the new remediation model for US schools

Are 15 to 25% of your students a year or more behind in reading, writing and/or numeracy? Do you seek a fresh, proven remediation model, something more than typical resource and assessment offerings? Introducing Rev. We work with you to establish a Rev Center at each school to create the right settings for effective remediation.

Rev’s value is its proven method. Yes, we provide adaptive, mobile-friendly portals with teacher and personalized student views, but more importantly, Rev provides a method that rebuilds student self-esteem and delivers unrivalled data to track improvement. Introduce Rev to your SPED and intervention specialists.

The problem Rev solves
Across America, at least 10% of school students are one or more years behind in literacy and numeracy. There are many reasons for this. For some schools, the figure is closer to 15 or 30%. Approximately five million US school children require remediation in math, literacy or both.

For many of these students, school and the classroom is not a placeGlobal image sad they want to be; it is not a place they experience success like other students. Caring, skilled and committed teachers who work with these students each day know the experience of students who struggle to read, write, comprehend or do basic math.  A sense of failure in basic literacy and numeracy often impacts student self-esteem, relationships, classroom behaviour, truancy and expectations for adulthood, especially by the onset of puberty in middle school. Many children become alienated in the classroom.

Text bamboozleTeachers and remediation specialist understand the difficulty some students have processing text or math. For these students, ‘math’, ‘reading’ or ‘comprehension’ become negative triggers, setting off psycho-somatic responses that can cause them to push away academic pursuits. In Rev teacher training sessions, we sometimes present teachers the adjacent excerpt of medical text. After attempting to read the text, we ask teachers to summarize it. We then ask teachers to make inferences about the text. The activity reminds us of the challenge, the alienation millions of American school children face daily.

How is Rev different to other remediation programs?

Rev is a totally different methodology and approach to other remediation programs. The quality content and asessments are only half the stiort. Rev  delivers superior results through:

  • A proven teacher-to-student ratio that aligns to learning activities and needs
  • The combination of Rev’s personalized and adaptive online and offline activities, assessment and reporting
  • The ‘Rev Center effect’ – we train and consult with your school or district
    staff to set up a unique learning space with a Rev learning culture, vibe and focus on relationships
  • The way in which students access Rev each week without being separated from their day-to-day classroom relationships
  • Rev’s ability to cultivate student success and rebuild self-esteem
  • Decade of experience refining the Rev model worldwide.

Students quickly develop a spring in their step when they walk into a Rev Center established at your school. Students know Rev time is different. They experience success in every session. Before they leave the room, the Rev system has already set up their lesson for the following week, prompting the teacher to make any overrides. Our team trains your selected teachers and/or specialists in the Rev system and approach. We work with your school to select and decorate your the new Rev Centre space. We continue to support your staff throughout the year, providing each teacher a report on each student’s and group’s progress each week.

How did your game go on Saturday?

Rev is an entire experience, so much more than a resource and assessment  program.  When a sport-minded student walks into a Rev Center, they will probably be asked how their game went on the weekend. Students see their progress and quickly sense they will only need Rev for a finite period. One of the biggest issues you will have is that some students, having reclaimed their reading age and math levels, won’t want to stop Rev.

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Our team trains your staff in the Rev method. We consult with your team on all aspects 

What are Rev’s results?

The Rev method scales from a single school to entire district, large or small. With Rev, your school or district can directly access detailed, real-time data on the progress each student is making each week in each strand of math and literacy. On average, students advance one year in math in just 6 months, they can return to their reading age in a year on average. Rev also provides your school or district with strategic data on the cost-benefit of early intervention. High schools often seek Rev to address pressing needs, however, it is soon realized that districts can make considerable gains by also making Rev available to students in elementary and middle school years to prevent the gap emerging in the first place. In any case, Rev addresses the remediation needs of students across K-12.

Rev generates reports daily and on-demand on all Rev student and session progress.

Local support

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While Rev is offered worldwide, we offer Rev in the US with local support and account management. Our Mid-West and Texas-based Rev consultants are on hand. We can deploy in the North-East and California as well. Rev supports student success in existing state-based programs such as STAAR. Rev can be adopted standalone or as an integrated part of the wider World Mosaic package for learning, teaching and administration.

About us

Rev is offered to US schools and districts by the US-based World Mosaic team. We operate from Texas and Illinois. Find our more about our US offering here. To learn more about our global engagement with education and technology, click here.

To find out more about Rev for your school or district, call us today on 202.697.9106, email us at or send us a message through the following form and we will be in touch.