Rev – digital learning environments

Check out the portfolio. Rev is available in three distinct formats:

1. Rev-School

2. Rev-Tutors

    •    for providers of tutoring services

3. Rev-Campus

    •    for universities, institutes and other course providers. To learn more, see our update.

More about Rev in general

Rev is a well-rounded learning environment featuring:

  • Unique, integrated Web conferencing capabilities for educators and learners
  • The ability to add your instructional, formative and summative assessment content as learnig progressions for a truly adaptive learning experience
  • Unrivalled real-time multi-stakeholder reporting of learning progress and mastery over a performance taxonomy.

Rev serves learning communities of all shapes and sizes in remote, onsite and hybrid learning situations. 

If you have the lesson or course content, units of work, associated low and high stakes assessment materials, teachers, tutors or coaches, and parent and student customers, Rev is your new digital learning to bring it all together to grow. 

More about Rev Tutors

Rev Tutors is the home learning platform you have been meaning to build for your tutoring enterprise. It supports your end-to-end business and learning processes –  tutor recruitment, parent and student registration, pre-assessment, session scheduling, online store, individual and grouptutoring Web conferencing tools, content presentation, sequencing and levelling tools, curriculum mapping, streaming, assessment and progress tracking, all the business administration tools and more.

Rev is designed to accessible out of the box for a single teacher or tutor, or at the enterprise level, deployed under your brand and look and feel, to your local requirements with complete B2B technical support. Rev supports distinct parent, student, teacher/coach, content manager and business admin roles, fully integrated.

Rev Tutor’s value is its proven method. Yes, Rev provides adaptive, learner and teacher-friendly portals with teacher and personalised student views as part of an integrated Web conferencing environment, but more importantly, Rev provides a method that rebuilds student self-esteem, supports good teaching and delivers unrivalled data to track improvement and better manage your operation. 

The problem Rev Tutors solves
There are countless providers of home learning across the globe,  large and small. It is impractical for each provider to build their own end-to-end online home learning or tutoring solution. Some providers cobble a string of platforms together, but the integration rarely fits the need. Rev was designed to be configured to satisfy virtually any home learning or tutoring setting, supporting different languages and learning ages, device agnostic.

Rev connects your caring, skilled and committed teachers and tutors who work with students and their parent/ carer sponsors.

Rev peace of mind

Rev is designed to wrap around your education business or service. You will not need to compromise your proven approach.

  • Rev will support your preferred student-teacher ratios, unique curriculum or content format, virtual session protocols and product menu
  • Rev supports your personalized and adaptive online and offline activities, learning progressions, assessment and reporting
  • While Rev requires little to no training to run, we train and consult with your technical,  commercial and technical stakeholders to set up the environment to back your approach.
  • Rev can integrate with your existing home/parent portal.
  • We will be your technical team if you don’t have one, or support your team if you do.

Rev Tutors is an entire home learning and business operation platform, so much more than a resource and assessment  program. It solves so many content integration, scheduling, billing and scaling issues, providing your customers a superior service, enabling you to focus on your core business of teaching and learning.

Corinne UNESCO Myanmar

Our team ensures your team is set up to scale.

Rev scales from a single learning centre or school to an entire home learning enterprise or district. With Rev, your stakeholders and customers can access real-time data on the progress each student is making each week across each subject strand.

Rev generates reports daily and on-demand on all Rev student and session progress.

Local support

Rev is offered worldwide with local support based in the US, Europe, India, Asia, Australia and East Africa.

About us

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