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Yahki is an education social media platform that engages groups and safe networks of learners and teachers through digital curation, blogging and collaborative learning.

Is your school or school district trying to develop students as digital citizens? Are your students primarily constructing and presenting their ideas through word processing and the creation of traditional slideshows, the tools of the 1990s? Do you want to bring your students into the Age of digital authorship, creativity, editing and publishing? Are you looking for a safe online haven for local and global student collaboration, aligned with your state or national curriculum standards? Are you struggling to engage students in synthesis, analysis, evaluation and other higher-order thinking skills? Do you want your students to learn responsible social media use, but they only experience social media through a class account that the teacher manages? Are you looking for a better way to provide your students a wider audience to boost their achievement, but you need peace of mind that the audience is safe?

If the answer to one or all these questions is ‘yes’, you and your students will value Yahki.

Due to the retirement of a longstanding partner, World Mosaic now seeks interested parties to invest to take Yahki through its next phase of development. Please contact us to register your interest.

The beauty of Yahki is its simplicity as a social learning environment for schools, colleges and universities. Yahki delivers a safe learning channel to each school or campus. Yahki enables everyone to be a learner and everyone to be a teacher, leveraging the mainstream Web, social media, and local school and campus e-resources.

With Yahki, students and teachers can curate, create, share, assess, refine, collaborate and connect, locally, nationally, globally. Yahki is different and better for your school, college or district because rather than your campus having to hang on to a social media environment over which you have no control, Yahki wraps around your campus community to give you peace of mind.  With Yahki, your classes can have an authentic wholesome social-media-for-learning experience that allows your student to step up and doesn't wear down your teachers.

Teachers and students often refer to Yahki as the 'glue' that brings together content, ideas, creativity, formative assessment and reflection…as if social media and the Internet were meant for education. Yahki's education channel functionality enables users to direct specific Web, premium and user-generated content through their school, class, peer and teacher networks. At other times, users can direct content through the separate 'Public' Yahki community channel.

In other words, Yahki respects the needs of users as members of school communities and as wider community members…it is the channel concept and simplicity that sets Yahki apart, solving issues for schools disrupted by Web 2.0. Finally there is a learning channel that brings together all the mainstream social media tools that students (and teachers and parents)  know and love -  without creating school administration and safety issues. Yahki delivers the best of both worlds.

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Yahki brings Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn and more into one place, supporting learning, safely.

"Yahki is a viral environment, driven by student and community engagement. It's what we've been waiting for - safe, relevant, engaging and self-sustaining."

Yahki puts students and teachers in the driver's seat as active learners in an environment that is part of their world.