Research and advisory case studies

The direction of many large and successful government and industry education technology initiatives around the world can be traced back to Mosaic’s research, strategic advisory and framework development services. Here are case study snapshots of projects Mosaic has undertaken across the world:

New Zealand Ministry of Education’s digital media strategy research and advisory

Mosaic was commissioned twice by the NZ Ministry of Education to conduct international reviews, facilitate internal focus group investigations, and make recommendation in relation to NZ’s national plans to support 21st Century learning. The initial research project (2007-8) investigated international best practices in the use of digital media and broadband infrastructure. In 2011, Government Mosaic reviewed NZ’s plans for synchronous Web communications and developed an evaluation framework for the use of such technologies, especially more cost-effective, lightweight options for blended online learning environments.

Learning analytics study for NSW Government, Australia

In 2012/13, Government Mosaic produced one of  the world’s most extensive Analytics for TAFE NSW, Australia’s largest vocational education and training provider. The review made recommendations for improved learning outcomes and course completions, based on domestic and international experience and data related to learning analytics.

Mosaic subsequently contributed to TAFE’s communication strategy, announced at TAFE’s 2013 VLE conference.

VLE evaluation for TAFE NSW, Australia

In 2009, Mosaic undertook deep functional reviews and cross-campus focus group consultations to evaluate and make recommendations for the formation and operation of TAFE’s new Virtual Learning Environment. The project was later extended to include an international review of ‘interface metaphors’ for online learning environments.

Global Student Information System and LMS research

In 2009-12, Mosaic undertook substantial market research on Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for US clients to inform product development and market expansion. The project culminated in Mosaic’s clients merging and delivering their Web-based information system to over 850,000 students across an entire Canadian Province –  the world’s largest Web-based information system deployment. Mosaic’s brief was expanded to include research and advisory in relation to Library Management Systems and eContent offerings in markets including the Middle East, UK, Canada, Australia, and South East Asia. Mosaic also provided the client a broad range of marketing services.

Major Middle East market study for Dubai-based education technology company

Mosaic conducted significant government and B2B (business to business) market research for Edutech across the Middle East in 2009/10. Mosaic’s research and advisory services to Edutech’s Executive Team led to the identification new partnerships with US and UK software and eContent providers, and assisted the development of Edutech’s interactions with ministries of education and school and university consortia across the Middle East. Mosaic coordinated and ran executive and ministerial focus groups in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, USA and Australia. Mosaic also provided the client a range of marketing and communication services.

Product strategy advisory for America’s fastest-growing online university

In 2013-14, Mosaic provided research and strategic advisory services to an NYSE-listed online university, assisting the scoping and design of the university’s new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Mosaic planned and conducting on-site interviews and reviews with academics, inventors and executives across four continents. The client subsequently developed cloud applications within a learning services framework that supported the university’s competency-based learning and assessment approaches. The client subsequently engaged Mosaic to conduct a marketing and pricing review for the application services.

Social learning concept-development, Federal grant-writing and project implementation for New York City Department of Education

This project throughout 2008-2010 involved Mosaic developing a K-12 social learning project concept with NYCDOE and a UK technology provider. Once conceptualized, Mosaic worked alongside NYCDOE to develop a Title II-D (EETT) US Federal Government grant proposal which was successful. Mosaic then worked with the UK provider and NYCDOE to implement a Social learning toolset and community, facilitating the training of stakeholders, product localisation and evaluation processes.

Ministerial agency strategy advisory and representation

In 2007-8, Mosaic provided research and advisory services to not-for-profit ministerial company, Education Services Australia (ESA). ESA, then known as Curriculum Corporation, commissioned Mosaic to develop an international pricing and distribution model for their digital Learning Object assets.

In 2015, ESA were IMS Global Learning Impact award finalists. ESA engaged Mosaic to review and present ESA’s Language Learning Space program, a Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian language program for Australian school students, to the IMS Global judging panel. ESA was awarded the top IMS Global Platinum award.

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