Government Mosaic

World Mosaic’s ‘Gov’ division is a quality consulting, research and requirements analysis provider to education ministries, education departments and agencies, and to private education authorities and consortia, worldwide. Our professional services include:

  • Education and related technology strategy consulting services, including international research and report development
  • System-wide education strategy and long-term planning based on trends in education research and practice, communities, technology and commerce
  • Education technology market scans for education software, infrastructure, professional services and best practice exemplars
  • General education technology consulting and advisory services
  • Workshop, interview, and survey facilitation and reporting
  • SWAp (top down) and bottom up POC (Proof of Concept) program development and management
  • Preparation and delivery of high-stakes education technology strategy presentations
  • Business and technical requirements development, including critical use case development and BPM assessment and refinement
  • Government software product review, marketing and global distribution
  • Procurement, contract management and project governance
  • Risk assessment and change management
  • Educaton marketplace formation strategy and review
  • Software prototyping, refinement and implementation
  • Digital content conversion advisory and vendor management.

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