Digital literacy

Yahki is a Web platform and a company committed to enabling people to explore, mash-up (synthesise) and express their interests, passions, and learning for life.

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How Yahki evolved

The Yahki social media platform ( was launched in 2011 following significant research and development.

Early 2013, TayaIT  collaborated with World Mosaic to incorporate Yahki. This collaboration has enabled Yahki to expand globally and pursue specific industry verticals, beginning with formal and informal education.

Yahki for the general public

Yahki provides everyone tools enabling to collect their favourite videos, images, tweets, Facebook posts and articles from all over the Web to create new ‘mashup’ stories or posts. With Yahki, you can share your ‘mashups’ on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to communicate and exchange points of view and experiences. Yahki enables users to revisit their stories and interact with their followers. Yahki also archive your stories as a collection.

Yahki in education

Yahki allows each student, teacher and parent to easily collect, mash up and ‘channel’ posts to their school network (teachers and students) or to their public network (friends and family) in one environment. Some things are for school, and some things are not for school. There is no longer the need for a public social media environment and a separate school environment – Yahki is true to each.

The Yahki channel concept is a reflection of the life we lead at school and the life we lead outside school.

Yahki values

Yahki values your uniqueness and believes in your ability to influence others through your stories and perspectives. Yahki empowers you integrate ideas and media to create fresh insights and to draw ideas from others. Yahki is a platform to build global understanding, respect and learning.