Service Mosaic

Service Mosaic provides managed services and applications to education, specialising in software specification, development, localisation, implementation, and support. Mosaic also delivers an EaaS (Education as a Service) portfolio of application solutions for improved learning, teaching, operations and analytics. Your organisational needs and goals are our focus.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an innovation, but it is only part of the picture for education. Mosaic has been working with international partners to develop more holistic  “Education as a Service” (EaaS) offerings.

Service Mosaic exists to solve the problem facing education leaders: “We have the network, we have the devices, we even have software and content, but how do we best use and support it all to improve learning outcomes, and by that we mean more than test scores?”

Service Mosaic provides managed enterprise application services to education systems, including:

  • Business process engineering and change strategy consulting
  • Curriculum and learning design
  • Software and digital media sourcing, development, implementation, piloting, configuration, customisation,  and testing services
  • Training services, including train-the-trainer, onsite and remote training
  • Project Management
  • Second or third tier help desk services
  • Account Management, contract management and software vendor management
  • Evaluation and strategy development to support continual improvement.