Management consulting case studies

Here is a snapshot of diverse management consulting projects undertaken by World Mosaic. The results demonstrate Mosaic’s experience, ability and resilience.

Major product strategy advisory for large NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) education company

From 2012 to 2014, Mosaic assisted a large American online university company, Bridgepoint Education, develop the next phase of their technology product strategy. Mosaic arranged high-value onsite focus groups and interviews across six countries spanning four continents. Mosaic supplied data and insights on market needs, trends, services, emerging technology options, business relationships and market entry points. The client was able to assess risks and determine a path for investment and development.

Strategy analysis and business planning: Advised a global Internet Venture Capital (VC) firm on their ‘edtech’ start-up

An Australasian technology VC, Netus, required an independent assessment of alternative #edtech investment opportunities. Mosaic conducted opportunity analysis, product and partner reviews, product concept workshops and business planning. Mosaic’s work informed the VCs options to build afresh or buy an asset and pivot into the fast-growing education technology market. Mosaic identified key personnel and a Go-To-Market strategy to support the agreed plan. The plan was later implemented, funded by a third-party Joint Venture assisted by Mosaic in 2008/9. The company is now growing across Australia, the US and beyond. Netus was subsequently acquired by Fairfax Media Limited.

Start-up strategy: Assisted  an Australian online mathematics learning company secure a major investor

In 2008, Mosaic assisted a small Sydney-based K-12 multimedia company, HotMaths, with market research, Go-To-Market strategy development, product strategy, management advice, and executive support for a capital-raising round. Within 12 months, company’s revenues rose significantly and significant investment was secured from a large overseas publishing company, rewarding initial investors and taking the product to an international market, integrating the platform with a major text-book publisher’s offering.

Interim CXO support – Restructured and turned around an Australian education multimedia business

Mosaic restructured and turned around a K-12 digital content start-up, leading the company from ‘no revenues, no customers’  to secure over 200 school customers, 60,000 subscribers and a break-even financial outcome within a year. The company subsequently won a NSW (Australia) iAward (2007-8). Mosaic provided broad leadership across all aspects of the business, including talent acquisition, business and market planning. In 2011/12, Mosaic was called back to take the company’s market reach the next level. Mosaic assisted the client in securing its first national government license contract, the largest contract in the company’s history. Mosaic also sourced and initiated the company’s 2012/3 platform and product rebuild by setting up a partnership to outsource development including HTML5 content conversion.

Digital strategy support for an ASX (Australian Stock Exchange listed) global tutoring service provider

At different points from 2009 to 2016, Mosaic assisted a longstanding tutoring and remediation provider to make the shift from print and CD Rom to an online, anywhere, anytime, any device learning solution. Mosaic conducted research, negotiated software development contracts, qualified key people and produced a detailed functional specification to support the transition. Mosaic assisted the client to clarify business requirements, evaluate platforms and support negotiations with suppliers. The online product was developed and implemented, opening up new business models for the company and further exploration of the North American market and new licensing models, also assisted by Mosaic.

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