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World Mosaic offers your school or district refreshing, scalable innovations in learning, teaching and administration.
We’ll tailor a package to back your instructional technology priorities.

Inquiry-based learning program

Are you seeking to realize and scale inquiry-based learning, critical literacy and research skills across your school/s? Do you want to integrate Computer Science, Social Science, ELA, civic engagement and STEM in a well sequenced program for students?  Do you want your students to more strongly identify as budding researchers, computer scientists, reporters, writers and entrepreneurs? Do you want your teachers to benefit from world-class PD along the way? ‘WOW!  delivers on these important questions, mapped to your state and ISTE standards, available in the following versions:

  • Elementary and middle school local issue interest projects
  • High school creative arts or STEM enterprise projects
  • IB school and G&T research projects.

WOW! is the complete package including:

  • Comprehensive week-by-week teaching guides and resources
  • All WOW! student portfolio, self-assessment, research, PD and student progression software applications
  • Onsite and virtual teacher PD and support
  • Onsite executive consultation
  • Online real-time student and teacher progression data
  • Embedded digital literacy tools and strategies
  • Formative assessments
  • Comprehensive mapping to state and ISTE standards.

Read more about WOW! here.

PBL curriculum (Project-Based Learning)

Are you trying to scale PBL (Project Based Learning) across the entire curriculum? Do you find uptake to be patchy? Discover Inspire, the project-based, born-digital curriculum, aligned to your state standards. With Inspire, your teachers will no longer tire trying to fit digital projects into traditional lessons. Inspire can be adopted on a comprehensive or supplemental basis. Inspire is an integrated, thematic curriculum that offers every student and teacher opportunities to thrive – localized, blended, fully resourced and adjustable. Inspire is the logical next step beyond WOW!

Digital mashups for digital citizenship

When your students produce work, do you require them to go beyond turning in documents and PowerPoints? Don’t you want your students to responsibly create and publish blogs and multimedia collections, building safe digital footprints that are authentic and age-appropriate? Yahki may be the solution. Yahki is a digital mashup and publishing tool that steps students through the information literacy process (Big6). If you seek to enhance student research, synthesis, story-telling and reporting skills and their digital citizenship skills, look into Yahki. Accessible through any browser, Yahki is hosted in the Amazon Cloud with secure teacher and student views.

Literacy  remediation

Are 10 to 25% of your students more than a year behind in reading, writing and speaking? Do you seek a fresh, proven remediation model, something far more effective than typical literacy resources and assessments? Rev will impress. Rev turns every classroom into an enrichment center, an adaptive, data-driven blended (online and offline) learning environment . Rev provides a methodology to rebuild student self-esteem by addressing the underlying issues of literacy learning:

  • Online cognitive pre and post assessment and interventions
  • A patented game-changing English reading and speaking system
  • An online critical literacy intervention program
  • Teacher PD to deliver all the above with fidelity.

Introduce Rev to your SPED and intervention specialists.

Teacher development app

Does your district have a vision for its teachers and principals to develop and model reflective practice and a growth mindset? mme moe mobile app is a teacher and leadership coaching tool that delivers on this vision. mme moe embeds your local professional standards and turns teacher PD into a way of working with colleagues, not an event. mme moe takes teachers and principals to higher levels of agency and professional growth and provides data to support overall staff development.

Constructivist mobile learning

Is your district going mobile, seeking to take student learning beyond eBooks and worksheets? BigBox is World Mosaic’s collection of constructivist, scenario-based learning objects. World Mosaic tweaks BigBox to map to Inspire or your existing curriculum and lesson sequencing requirements, delivered with teacher and student views. BigBox contains all the custom apps and Web tools required in a Unit sequence and works offline and online on any device.

Flash conversion and content enhancement

Does your district or organization have legacy Flash content you would like to re-invigorate and transform in HTML5? Welcome to Flash Factory, our HTML5 conversion service. Flash Factory rebuilds your content and adds a range of mobile-friendly enhancements and options for pedagogical and localization enhancement. Our specially developed utilities make the process cost-effective. We combine a highly skilled team of instructional designers and developers to deliver excellent results, on-time, on-budget.

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We will consult with your key stakeholders to develop strategies to implement and harmonize elements of the portfolio according to your needs. Our high-value, on-time, on-budget offering is delivered from the cloud on an Education as a Service (EaaS) basis. In this way, you are assured Mosaic’s outstanding technologies, pedagogy and methods keep up with changing local priorities, state standards and world’s best-practice.

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