Our team

It is rare to find a team that deeply understands and effectively addresses education, technology and commercial opportunities and challenges. Mosaic excels at this globally.

Education is all about people. Mosaic's team is easy to work with.  Not only is each World Mosaic associate an experienced leader in their specific field of education,  technology and enterprise, they are skilled in working constructively with government and industry. Since Mosaic was founded by Mark Lamont in 2007, the team’s focus has been customer success and the development of long-term partnerships.

Mosaic's international team has depth and talent in education and technology policy, research, consulting and high-stakes project management.

Mosaic negotiates effectively, manages expectations with integrity, solves problems, and imparts vision and passion for education and international business. Mosaic associates and partners are based in five continents, as follows.


Mark Lamont

Based in Sydney Australia, Mark is founder and director at World Mosaic. Mark is responsible for World Mosaic’s global development. He established Mosaic in 2007 after developing education technology businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Hong Kong, USA and South Africa. Mark is passionate about education reform, tech innovation and international business growth models. His contributions to the education sector and edtech industry are recognised globally.

Paul Williams

Based in Perth, Paul is an education academic and entrepreneur. Paul, a former Olympian, is a high-performance coach and innovator in learning and teaching. Paul invented mme moe, a significant World Mosaic investment. He has served Western Australia as an assistant superintendent, principal, teacher and teacher coach.

Corinne Voysey

Corinne manages World Mosaic’s corporate finance and administration services. Based in Sydney, she has a long career in financial services, team management and international financial markets.

Africa, India, Middle East

Herbert Wattanga

Based in East Africa, Herbert is an educator who assists World Mosaic’s stakeholder management and implementations in the East Africa region. Herbert is a regional leader in digital learning and builds partnerships with local industry, government, schools and agencies commited to learning and development. Herbert previously led teacher development programs at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

Ashraf Tawakkol

Based in Dubai and Cairo, Ashraf invented Yahki, a significant World Mosaic investment. Ash is an accomplished designer and Internet software architect who has served in C-level roles at Orascom Telecom and Good News 4 ME.

United Kingdom

Gill Marshall

Based in Wales, Gill Marshall (nee Robotham) is an accomplished edtech product manager. She has taken several cloud-based platforms to the UK education market, including platforms from outside the UK. Gill is highly experienced in government and industry stakeholder management and recently led operations on the TeacherIn launch which World Mosaic supported.

Martin Matthews

Based in Bristol, Martin is an education leader and presenter. Martin’s drive is firmly wrapped up in the moral imperative to close the gap in attainment between disadvantaged children and other children. He has 34 years’ experience of teaching, coaching and leadership at all levels.

Nadene Mackay

Based in Cardiff Wales, Nadene is a curriculum specialist with a special interest in teacher development and contemporary pedagogies that leverage technology. Nadene is Lecturer in Professional Studies at the University of Wales Trinity St David Graduate Teacher Training Programme.


Ben Yavitz

US Project Lead
Based in Chicago, United States, Ben Yavitz is an experienced ed-tech consultant and educator who provides guidance to organizations and individuals in best practices for learning with technology. Ben is experienced in design implementation processes for edtech SaaS products in both K-12 and university markets, and advising higher education institutions on assessment practices. Previously, Ben served as a teacher and administrator in St. Louis and DC Public School Districts as well as a Training & Curriculum Specialist for the U.S. Navy’s Education Department.

The team has vast global experience in #edtech commercial, product and marketing strategy. Almost everyone in education leadership and the edtech industry knows someone who knows and respects World Mosaic.

Review our Case Studies to see the excellent outcomes our team has achieved with customers.

Mosaic’s team strikes a balance of innovation, invention and well-managed software and content development and marketing.