Market entry case studies

Mosaic has conceptualised, planned and executed some of the world’s most significant education technology new market entries. Here are some examples.

Global expansion strategy developer for major US education software and content corporation

In 2011, Mosaic was was invited to devise and execute a very large US education corporation’s global enterprise growth strategy, leveraging partnerships and re-configuring internal operations. The client was one of the world’s largest suppliers of digital and print education resources to the library, school, and higher education consumer markets.

Mosaic introduced new approaches and structures to the client’s international effort, generating significant new lines of business for the 137 year old multi-billion dollar corporation. Mosaic assisted the client in moving into more substantial market spaces abroad. Mosaic led the client through innovative business development and marketing, establishing and building partnerships with the likes of British Telecom, Novatia Plc (UK), Fujitsu Canada, Sakhr Software Middle East, and TechnologyOne Limited, Australia.

Over a 2.5 year engagement, new lines of business introduced and developed by Mosaic led to UK Department for Education education technology framework certification, and by 2013, preferred vendor status for two multi-million dollar Australian and British Columbia, Canada enterprise platform deals for over 850,000 students, making the client’s international effort the fastest growing section of the corporation, and one of the most successful and rapid ‘first time’ international expansion efforts of any US education platform provider.

Market development and lobbying by Mosaic enabled the client to secure UK Government Department for Education’s IMLS procurement framework listing for its library management software and Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) software, and secure local  UK market entry. Similar outcomes were achieved in Canada an the Middle East at the Ministry of Education level. Mosaic also provided a wide range of marketing and research and advisory services to the client.

Secured a very large Encyclopedia Britannica online deal in South Africa

Mosaic identified and secured a six-digit online media deal for Encyclopaedia UK (EMEA) with Telkom South Africa. Mosaic performed a chief consultanting role for Encyclopaedia Britannica EMEA throughout 2007-8, supporting Britannica’s online product market development, including ‘mobile-learning’. After securing success in South Africa, Mosaic assisted Britannica to stepping up  efforts in the Middle East through industry channels and emerging partnerships with Ministries of Education. Britannica continues to grow across EMEA.

Established UK K-12 learning platform in the US and Australia

Mosaic was contracted over 2007 to 2009 to assist UK-based UniServity Plc develop and execute a US market entry and Australia market growth. During the engagement, Mosaic:

  • Set up and facilitated high-level US federal, state, and district business negotiations
  • Secured enterprise (whole of District/City) contracts in New York City, Pennsylvania and Texas, servicing tens of thousands of students and teachers.
  • Assisted the development of successful New York City Department of Education US Federal (Title IID) grant applications
  • Conceptualized and delivered highly effective marketing events and PR opportunities at US conferences
  • Managed UK-based support services to establish US service delivery
  • Supported the client in marketing projects in Australia, UK and Malta
  • Initiated Director meetings in Sydney Australia between UniServity and their current Australian partner, ASI.

Planted ‘global seeds’ for a leading US K-12 multimedia company

Mosaic was hired by Atomic Learning in 2008 to support their market entry in the Middle East and expansion in Australia. Mosaic secured Atomic its first Australian state government pilot agreement, and provided important market orientations in both Australia and the Middle East. Both markets subsequently became two of the most significant markets for Atomic Learning outside the US.

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