Our clients

Mosaic is proud to have served a diverse set of education technology clients over the past decade, including:

ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) - Australia

Active Navigation - UK, Australia, USA

ASI Solutions - Australia

Atomic Learning - USA

Binumi - Hong Kong

Bridgepoint Education - USA

BrainPOP - UK, USA

ClassCover - Australia

Chicago Public Schools - USA

Chicago Public Schools Foundation - USA

Cornwall Learning (Local Government Authority) - UK

Denton Independent School District - USA

Drive Learning - Australia

Education Services Australia (ESA) - Australia

Edutech - UAE

Encyclopedia Britannica - UK, South Africa, Middle East

Follett Corporation - USA

GridClub - UK

Hitachi Data Systems - Australia

Hotmaths - Australia

Inkerz Pty Ltd - Australia

IST AB - Sweden

Jobfit System - Australia

Kip McGrath Education Centres - Australia

Lightspeed Systems - USA

Literacy Planet - Australia, UK

Makers Empire - Australia

Ministry of Education - New Zealand

NSW Government Adult Migrant Education Service (AMES) - Australia

NSW TAFE - Australia

NSW Department of Education (DOE) - Australia

Parent Paperwork - Australia, UK

Readable English - USA, Australia

Redapple Education (Skwirk) - Australia

Netus - Australia

November Learning - USA

ProLearning Pty Ltd  - Australia

Quick Key - USA

RADII - Australia

UNESCO - France

UniServity - UK, USA, Australia

University of NSW (UNSW) - Australia

SuperClubsPLUS - Australia, UK

Synthesys - India

TeacherIn - UK

Telkom - South Africa

Tech2000 Inc - USA

VLT - Australia

X2 Development Corporation - USA

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