BigBox, the native app puts constructivist mobile learning all in one place, localised to your curriculum and cultural requirements.

Is your district or school system going mobile, seeking to take student learning beyond eBooks and worksheets?

BigBox is World Mosaic’s ‘mega app’, An active app containing the constructivist, scenario-based learning objects and lesson plans your teachers and students require. You can fill your BigBox with:

  • Your existing or legacy content which we convert from Flash to HTML5 through our Flash Factory, providing opportunities for enhancements along the way, and/or
  • World Mosaic’s existing  scenario-based HTML5 learning object and lesson plan collection, and/or
  • Freshly developed HTML5 learning objects and lesson plans created by our education team working closely with yours.

World Mosaic tweaks BigBox to map to your current curriculum or to support our Inspire Project-Based Learning curriculum offering aligned to your standards.  BigBox apps are delivered with teacher and student views and can be provided in multiple languages. BigBox contains all the custom apps and Web tools required in a Unit sequence and works offline and online on any device. Importantly, with BigBox your teachers and students only need to go to one place. They will find everything in BigBox with simple navigation.

Let us make the perfect BigBox for you. We have the utilities and curriculum smarts to make things happen quickly, cost-effectively and to high standards, educationally and technologically.