Rev makes LMS a thing of the past

Rev enriches your existing learning resources

  • Don’t just upload your lesson resources – transform them!
  • Rev turns your existing lesson worksheets, PowerPoints, PDFs and other content into dynamic, adaptive, interactive learning progressions.
  • Turn your content into an amazing AI-enhanced learning experience for online, hybrid or face-to-face student and class access, all in one!
  Rev sequences learning resources against Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Sequence, scaffold and present learning resources and assessments according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Scale quality teaching and learning in the digital age, school and jurisdiction-wide
  • Track student and class learning progress real-time, all in one place.
  Best practice – adaptive Assessment as Learning (AaL)
  • Rev links your transformed Learning Resources to just the right Activities
  • Students learn by doing in a supported, personalized environment
  • Students learn to play a greater role in their learning, preparing for life.
  Reduce teacher workload, improve quality
  • Teachers no longer need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating quality learning resources, reducing workload, improving quality.
  • Share Rev resources across teacher, faculty and school networks.
  Instant feedback for students, multi-tier reporting for teachers
  • Rev delivers each student instant feedback on their learning progress, all in a dynamic learning portfolio.
  • Rev combines auto-marking and accelerated teacher grading tools
  • Rev also enables each teacher to review learning progress across their classes and to easily drill down on any student’s progress in a unit or topic.
  Rev supports remedial and advanced progression student needs
  • Each school or teacher can make remedial or advanced progression learning resources and activities available to specific students.
  • Rev recognizes that students learn at different rates, makes that easier for teachers to manage.
  Pegadogically sound, easy access     
  • Rev delivers a wider set of assessment item types, including oral presentations
  • Rev also supports student reflection and self-assessment, important to the learning process.
  • Students and teachers don’t have to transfer files all the time
  • Rev is also mobile-device responsive, device agnostic, IWB-friendly and groupwork and home-access friendly.

Rev-conferencing too!You won’t need separate Web conferencing either. Rev-conferencing is far better: With Rev-conferencing:
  • No additional login or links need to be shared
  • No software needs to be downloaded
  • Teachers don’t just see their students, they see the work each student is doing, live!
  • Rev conferencing means students can get to work, not just listen along
  • Teachers and teacher aides can work privately momentarily with individual students without needing breakout rooms. Rev-conferencing is like a real classroom, not a meeting!
  The right fit
  • Rev School is a high quality, sustainable digital option that makes LMS and Web conferencing obsolete. Order Rev School.

Rev School is available for:

  • Individual classes/faculties
    – Schools
    – Entire school jurisdictions and states
    – Online and hybrid schools

Rev School supports all curriculum and assessment formats: IB, CBSE, IGCSE, State Board, etc.

Who developed Rev?
Rev School was developed by World Mosaic through years of research and development with schools locally and across the globe. Since 2007, World Mosaic has served leading schools and school systems across Australia, NZ, Europe, USA and India. See our global client list.