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Are you trying to scale innovations in instructional technology and STEM, but uptake is patchy? Inspire may well be your answer. Inspire is the PBL (Project Based Learning), born-digital curriculum that is authentically aligned to your state standards. With Inspire, your teachers will no longer tire trying to fit digital projects into traditional lessons. Inspire can be adopted on a comprehensive or supplemental basis. Inspire is an integrated, thematic curriculum that offers every student and teacher opportunities to thrive – localized, blended, fully resourced and adjustable.

What is Inspire?

Inspire is a K-8 curriculum that runs to a cadence of 9 four-week units per grade. Each Inspire Unit includes:

  • Comprehensive mapping to make sure all Units are scoped and sequenced to state standards, providing continuity across all subjects
  • Integration of STEAM, outdoor learning, local industry and global learning links
  • Detailed Unit overviews and Resource inventories, including outlines of all PBL and technology elements of each Unit
  • Earmarked technology-based learning opportunities in 3D, multimedia, video, coding, design and making
  • Weekly lesson plan overviews
  • Detailed plans of each lesson, with all resource materials
  • Launch lesson multimedia
  • Optional learning software integration. See Mosaic’s US portfolio.

While the 81 four-week thematic Inspire Units run from Kindergarten to Grade 8,  Mosaic can extend Inspire into grades 9 to 12 upon request. Our team delivers Inspire in a highly localized way, with outdoor learning and local industry links written into your version of Inspire based on your state, city or regional setting, authentically aligned to your state standards. Your school or district can modify Inspire, adopting some or all Units, or integrating aspects of Inspire Units for your existing Unit plans. Inspire also includes integrated Languages options for French and, upon request, Spanish.

Inspire snapshot

Inspire combines the following unique elements to deliver a superior learning experience for your students:

  • A thematic approach to Unit design
  • An integrated curriculum, combining subjects and disciplines in inquiry-based learning projects
  • It is born-digital
  • Based on a Project Based Learning approach across each grade
  • Standards-aligned, whether your school follows CCSS, TEKS, IB or another curriculum
  • K-8, but with the ability to extend to higher grades upon request
  • Comprehensive and customized
  • Adjustable to your situation. Inspire can replace or simply supplement your current offering to students
  • Delivered as a service, updated from year to year according to state and local priorities, resources and technologies
  • Answers the question: What do we do now that we have technology?

Below is an example of the thematic integration of learning projects across all subject areas. Note the refreshing absence of worksheets and text books. Inspire enables students to draw knowledge and skills from a wider set of resources:

Inspire summary sample

Below is an example of the links to outdoor learning, local industry and global learning provided in each Inspire Unit. Inspire connects students with the world around them:

Links Inspire

Below is an excerpt of an Inspire Grade 2 Unit-mapped to state standards. Our highly experienced education team has done all the heavy lifting so that your school or district can provide a more immediate opportunity for STEM support and Project-Based Learning.

standards Inspire

With Inspire, students learn in the context of themes and projects. The magic of Inspire is the structure it provides to support students with different learning needs, combining STEM, the Arts and Humanities in each Unit. Here are examples of Inspire lesson plans for math and music within a common theme of Town Mouse, Country Mouse in 2nd Grade:

Lesson plans Inspire

Implementing Inspire

Our consultants are available to discuss a number of strategies for your school or district to successfully implement Inspire at different grade levels. Teachers and administrators can nominate prefered Inspire Units to begin with. School situation vary, however, teachers and students quickly adapt to the Inspire approach, enjoying greater levels of student engagement, inquiry and learning skills development.

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Contact us today to discuss Inspire. You may find Inspire to be more affordable than you think. Inspire is a path to transformative learning and teaching in a digital world, preparing students for the demands of life and careers in the 21st Century. Through Inspire, children learn discernment, to understand the subtlety of collective history, regional as it seems to be. Students recognize the value of learning to learn; the relevance of global context and the skills of digital citizens. Inspire’s enlightened design incorporates Project-Based Learning, STEAM in a standards-aligned setting to create unforgettable learning encounters for a new generation of American students.

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Inspire is offered to US schools and districts by World Mosaic. Find our more about World Mosaic and our wider US offering here.

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