EduGrowth membership extended

Melbourne Australia: World Mosaic extended its membership in EduGrowth, a not-for-profit organisation that “connects and collaborates to accelerate Australia’s education technology and innovation ecosystem globally.” Through EduGrowth, World Mosaic supports Australia’s growing edtech industry and the opportunity to expand Australian edtech exports..

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UN Climate Change program

London UK: World Mosaic was invited to participate in the United Nation’s Climate Change (UNCC Learn) ‘eduCCate’ program. Mosaic’s social learning platform, Yahki, is being configured to connect UK teachers and students in their study of climate change and civic action.

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Education marketplace strategy

Sydney Australia:  World Mosaic commenced the second phase of its education marketplace strategy work for one of Australia’s largest education providers. In this new phase, World Mosaic was commissioned to assist the department in the operationalisation of an education marketplace, to drive innovation and value for money for schools and the department.

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Supplier to large education departments

Chicago USA and Sydney Australia: World Mosaic was registered as a supplier to two of the world’s largest education jurisdictions, Chicago Public Schools (USA), and NSW Department of Education (Australia), delivering cognitive and STEM application services and digital strategy and marketplace formation consulting services respectively.

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WOW! Inquiry-based learning in Chicago

Chicago USA: Ben Yavitz at World Mosaic trained Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers to implement our WOW! inquiry-learning and critical literacy program at Macpherson Elementary School. The Mosaic team also met with Chicago literacy stakeholders to discuss ways of scaling the WOW! program across Chicago.

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Med faculty adopts social learning platform

Cairo Egypt: Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine adopted Mosaic’s collaborative learning platform, Yahki, to run its eLearning program for courses including. Medicine students and lecturers use Yahki to model project, team and competency/outcomes-based learning to make students are more engaged in their learning process.

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New Chicago team member

Chicago USA: Ben Yavitz joined the World Mosaic team to lead the delivery of Mosaic’s education programs to schools in Chicago and the wider US Mid-West. Ben also has an important role in managing our partners in the region. Ben has significant experience as an educator and business analyst and advisor and has hit the ground running.

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Taking cognitive digital

Perth Australia, Chicago USA: World Mosaic partnered with BrainWare Learning Company to deliver cognitive assessment and cognitive development interventions online, making them more scalable and effective. The services were initially implemented to schools in Chicago USA and Perth Australia.

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Readable English

Making English phonetic

San Francisco USA: World Mosaic was commissioned to advise Readable English on their global expansion and investment strategy. Readable English is a new font that turns English into a completely phonetic language, enabling people of all ages to learn to read and speak English faster and more accurately. Read more.

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Cognitive platform testing

Perth Australia: World Mosaic tests a new cognitive development program for children. While cognitive skills development programs are often prescribed to children with special learning needs, international research shows cognitive development programs can assist all learners. Accordingly, World Mosaic commenced trials of a research-based cognitive assessment and development program in mainstream schools in Perth Australia. Called BrainWare, the program is delivered online to primary schools students over a 12-week period. Students have completed pre-assessments and are midstream with the intervention…

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Melbourne Australia: World Mosaic assisted Professor Peter Cuttance’s ongoing commercialisation of ProLearning, a school improvement platform. ProLearning enables schools and school systems to capture data from a wider range of sources to generate more holistic insights to assist teacher and school decision-making for improved learning. World Mosaic is developing ProLearning’s brand, market and investment strategies. See www.prolearning.co

Sydney Australia: World Mosaic is assisting a Sydney startup, Inkerz Pty Ltd with an investment round to match an Australian Government commercialisation grant.  Simultaneously, World Mosaic is assisting Inkerz with product and market development in the US, Australia and Europe. Inkerz is the bridge between handwriting and eLearning, taking everyday pen and paper to the digital realm. World Mosaic met Inkerz through the EduGrowth edtech incubator World Mosaic sponsors. See www.inkerz.com

St Louis Missouri: World Mosaic team members met with St Louis school district leaders to conduct district Student Information System (SIS) needs analysis and trial standards-based assessment tools for Google Classroom.  Our team also consulted with teachers, principals and curriculum leaders regarding Computer Science curriculum development requirements. See US school district portfolio

Sydney Australia: The Australian Export Council announced World Mosaic as an NSW export award finalist. Over the past decade, most of Word Mosaic’s business has been export-related.

Cardiff Wales: World Mosaic supports the 2017 UK NEN (National Education Network) Conference in Cardiff Wales, contributing to edtech broadband, safeguarding and Web services discussions. World Mosaic has a long association with the NEN and several associated RBCs, including WMNet. See For UK schools, MATs and LAs

Plymouth UK: mme moe teacher coaching app – providing Reach South Multi Academy Trust schools a refreshing new path to teacher development through reflective practice, a growth mindset and collegial engagement. See mme moe

Yankgon Myanmar: World Mosaic completed of a major Life Skills mobile learning project for Myanmar high schools. The project included the deployment of Yahki to create the first ever online community for Myanmar teacher collaboration on the themes of human rights, peace, communication, sustainable development leadership and sexuality. World Mosaic was comissioned by a major global education and culture NGO based in Paris.

Växjö Sweden: Mosaic previosly assisted Australian cover teacher app company ClassCover with UK market entry under the TeacherIn brand. This month, Mosaic supported TeacherIn in a process to localise their software platform for school systems in Sweden, connecting qualified substitute teachers with schools in need of cover. See Market entry case studies

San Antonio Texas: World Mosaic US team members demonstrated our social learning platform, Yahki and our teacher development app, mme moe. The team also presenting our WOW! Computer Science curriculum program to US schools and districts. ISTE is the USA’s largest edtech Conference. See US school district portfolio

Chicago USA: Middle school students across Chicago’s south presented their local research projects to parents, staff and community leaders, showcasing their Computer Science skills, all part of World Mosaic’s WOW! Computer Science learning program. See WOW! inquiry-based learning program