Karlshamn Sweden: Yahki, a World Mosaic subsidiary, is a safe online storytelling and assignment creation tool where students and teachers learn by doing, creating and sharing their learning masterpieces. This month, Yahki was launched in the Swedish language to Nordic schools.

Now available, Single Sign On, through Sweden’s most popular education eStore, Yahki helps each student develop their digital footprint in a safe, responsible environment. Yahki teaches the skills of research, content curation, feedback, judgement, citation, writing, editing and empathy – all the important skills of digital citizens. To learn more about Yahki, see https://worldmosaic.co/yahki/. To review the launch press release in Swedish, see http://blog.skolon.se/premiar-yahki-skolon-en-av-de-stora-positiva-sakerna-med-yahki-ar-att-det-lar-elever-att-bete-sig-respektfullt-pa-natet/