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World Mosaic’s amazing portfolio delivers UK schools, multi-academy trusts, clusters, federations and Local Authorities refreshing, scalable cloud-based innovations in learning, teaching and administration. We’ll tailor a package to back your priorities.


Elements of the ‘Mosaic’ portfolio can be purchased and implemented separately or as an integrated package of your choosing. Here’s more about the portfolio:

Learning and teaching solutions

Administration solutions

  • MIS (Management Information System), Admin (coming soon)
  • The BETT Award-winning supply teacher managment app, TeacherIn
  • Parent engagement, communication and ePayment solution, CloudeNotes.

At World Mosaic, we value:

  • Enhancing learning experiences and outcomes for students and teachers
  • Enabling schools and local authorities to spend less on technology support and more on frontline student support, locally and at scale
  • A global perspective and experience in best practice, leading technologies and research.

WOW! Computer Studies package

The problem:

  • Are your teachers overwhelmed with Computer Studies?
  • Are you seeking to better integrate Computer Studies across your school curriculum?

The solution:  ‘WOW! I’m a computer scientist’ provides 15-week pupil research projects that connect social studies, science, English and maths with computer studies. WOW! is curriculum aligned and includes the relevant computer programs. All lesson resources and formative assessment materials are provided, including ‘Assessment Without Grades’ materials. WOW! even includes a remote Computer Science teacher coach who works with your teachers over the 15 weeks – a wonderful CPD experience for teachers and WOW! Is loved by pupils. WOW 5-8, our Years 5 to 8 package, leads to WOW 9-10 and WOW 11-12, preparing students for the digital world like never before.

Yahki – authentic digital citizenship

The problem:

  • When your pupils produce assignments or other written work, do you want them to go beyond turning in docs and PowerPoints?
  • Do you want your students to create responsible digital footprints that are safe, authentic and age-appropriate?

The Solution: Yahki is a digital curation, synthesis (mashup) and publishing tool that steps pupils through the information literacy process. If you seek to enhance pupil research, synthesis, story-telling and reporting skills and their digital citizenship skills, Yahki is the answer.

CPD app – mme moe

The problem:

  • Your school/s have a vision for teachers and headteachers to develop and model reflective practice and a growth mindset, but there is no platform to drive it.

The solution: mme moe mobile app is a teacher and leadership coaching tool that delivers on this vision. mme moe embeds your local professional standards and turns teacher CPD (Continuous Professional Development) into a way of working collegially from week to week, not an annual event. mme moe takes teachers and principals to higher levels of agency and professional growth and provides data to support overall staff development. mmemoe can eclipse your school, cluster or MAT’s performance management cycle. mme moe adds purpose, authenticity and value to the process.

Constructivist mobile learning

Is your district going mobile, seeking to take student learning beyond eBooks and worksheets? BigBox is World Mosaic’s collection of constructivist, scenario-based learning objects. World Mosaic tweaks BigBox to map to new or existing curriculum and lesson sequence requirements, delivered with teacher and student views. BigBox contains all the custom apps and Web tools required in a unit sequence and works offline and online on any device.

Flash conversion and content enhancement

Does your district or organization have legacy Flash content you would like to re-invigorate and transform in HTML5? Welcome to Flash Factory, our HTML5 conversion service. Flash Factory rebuilds your content and adds a range of mobile-friendly enhancements and options for pedagogical and localization enhancement. Our specially developed utilities make the process cost-effective. We combine a highly-skilled team of instructional designers and developers to deliver excellent results, on-time, on-budget.

GDPR and parent engagement

The problem:

  • Your school now has to obtain GDPR and retain approvals from each parent/carer
  • Your school has administrative issues obtaining consents, payments and other important communication and preferences from parents.
  • Records are not water tight, there is risk.

The solution: CloudeNotes enables parents to more easily and effectively communicate with their school and other community organizations their children are involved with. CloudeNotes provides a suite of communication tools for schools and community organizations to engage parents and caregivers in ways not possible before, for GDPR and a whole lot more.

Cover teacher management – TeacherIn

World Mosaic is pleased to support TeacherIn, the supply teacher app that delivers a far better deal for schools and supply teachers. TeacherIn matches DBS-checked supply teachers with schools’ cover needs, ensuring the best fit. TeacherIn makes the management and economics of supply teacher placement painless. Schools and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) are saving tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds with TeacherIn as there are no agency fees with TeacherIn. In addition, TeacherIn enables schools and MATs to cultivate a stronger pool of supply teachers.

TeacherIn is every supply teacher’s best friend. Teachers can plan and track their work schedule through their TeacherIn app calendar and can respond to new supply jobs on the go. At a time when school funds are tight and quality teacher placement is paramount, TeacherIn is the answer. Schools and teachers all get a better deal as TeacherIn is not an agency, it’s an app. Read more about the benefits of TeacherIn for teachers and for schools and sign up at the TeacherIn Website. No wonder Teacherin won the prestigious 2017 BETT Award for Innovation!


Admin, our Management Information System (MIS) offering

World Mosaic is preparing to launch the world’s most powerful, flexible cloud-based MIS to UK schools throughout 2017. Admin MIS delivers effective management of primary and secondary education. Admin is a user and role-based Web solution that provides support in all processes – from annual planning to daily administration of a school and MAT and LA needs. Admin provides better handling, better data quality and simultaneously simplifies the daily work because the data is recorded centrally and reused locally. These processes ensure that all necessary information is recorded in the process in which they are incurred, while the large and heavy processes are automated.

Admin offers a flexible organisation hierarchy that makes it possible to reflect your actual organisation  – MAT, cluster, consortium, federation or LA. Roles and permissions can be linked to each level of the organisational hierarchy, ensuring that the right person has access to the right information. Admin also provides support in the event of reorganisation. World Mosaic is now demonstrating Admin to interested MATs and primary schools. Contact us to express your interest in the world’s most powerful MIS.


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World Mosaic will consult with your key stakeholders to develop strategies to implement and harmonise elements of the portfolio according to your needs. Our high-value, on-time, on-budget offering is delivered from the cloud on an Education as a Service (EaaS) basis. In this way, you are assured World Mosaic’s outstanding technologies, pedagogy and methods keep up with changing local priorities, standards and world’s best-practice. Contact us today to see any or all these solutions in action. To learn more about our team and our global initiatives, click here.

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