About us

World Mosaic companies provide excellent customer service. Our mission in education and technology is four-fold:

  1. Connect edtech (education technology) entrepreneurs with global markets
  2. Enable government, private and NGO education providers to scale innovations in learning and administration
  3. Empower practitioners to reclaim their profession, and
  4. Inspire learners to construct meaning and skills for life.

We help business and government define and achieve their goals, delivering value through innovations in learning and technology, worldwide. Mosaic is a global hub for entrepreneurs, educators, government, researchers, inventors, investors and ‘edtech’ businesses.

World Mosaic companies and businesses are organised as follows to provide focus to customers:


Government Mosaic serves government authorities, agencies and education consortia worldwide in:

  • System-wide Learning Plan and Technology Plan development
  • Education technology related research, review, and reporting
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • SWAp (top down) and bottom up POC (Proof of Concept) program development and management
  • Requirements development
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Risk assessment and change management
  • Software prototyping, refinement and implementation.

Private Mosaic provides businesses in the education technology and digital publishing industry worldwide with:

  • Business strategy consulting
  • Product and services research, assessment and strategy development
  • New (international)  market entry strategy development and execution
  • Interim CEO, CMO services
  • Ongoing quarterly or annual strategy review facilitation
  • Advisory, coaching, networking and market intelligence services
  • Specialist international executive recruitment and services outsourcing
  • Trade sale, fund-raising, merger and acquisition, and overseas company set-up services.

Service Mosaic provides software development and managed enterprise applications and services to school and university systems, including:

  • Software needs analysis and functional specification development
  • Software design, development, prototyping, configuration/customisation, localisation, installation and support
  • Technology integration services, including hosting, local support, backup and software localisation services
  • Our ‘edtech’ SaaS (Software as a Service) portfolio for learning, teaching, operations and analytics
  • Business process engineering and consulting
  • Training services, including train-the-trainer, onsite and remote training
  • Project Management
  • Account Management, contract management and software vendor management
  • ‘Edtech’ Pilot and Proof of Concept management.

Marketing Mosaic provides high-end marketing strategy and execution services to education technology companies of all sizes, worldwide. Mosaic can work with your existing marketing unit or externally. Mosaic’s strong suite in education technology and digital publishing includes:

  • Brand marketing strategy
  • Marketing plan development
  • Market entry strategy
  • Marketing communications
  • Events
  • Product marketing
  • Partner strategy
  • Marketing organisation restructures
  • Marketing services outsourcing.


Yahki is World’ Mosaic’s Web platform company committed to enabling people to collect, mash-up and express their interests, passions, and learning for life. Yahki is a digital story-telling environment that safely connects learners and teachers locally and globally, building greater international understanding, authentic audiences and academic rigour. Find out more.

mme moe is the world’s first teacher and principal coaching app, based on reflective practice, a growth mindset and local professional standards. mme moe was commercialised by World Mosaic assisting inventor and education coach, Paul Williams, founder of Kidmap. Find out more.

Flash Factory is our Flash-to-App and Flash-to-HTML5 conversion service available to Flash content owners. Our processes and special utilities enable flash content to be converted at a fraction of the usual cost. We also ensure all content is enhanced pedagogically and in terms of mobile enablement and user experience. We also adapt content, including learning objects to suit different curriculum and cultural settings and for different languages. We also develop HTML5 learning content, including immersive,  scenario-based learning objects from the ground up to address curriculum needs. Either way, we manage the entire process.

BigBox is World Mosaic’s app repository and online store that delivers interactive HTML5 education content from Flash Factory and other sources. BigBox loads on all devices and provides both online and offline access to mobile and desktop interactive learning content and tools. Read more.

With WOW! school students become budding computer scientists. WOW! incorporates the integrated Computer Science practices of highly effective schools worldwide, applying backward design to guide students from PreK through elementary and middle school to peak in Computer Science and wider studies by high school, best positioned for career, education and life skills pathways.

Our corporate profile

World Mosaic is registered as World Mosaic Pty Ltd, incorporated in NSW Australia (ACN 612 570 582, ABN 476 125 705 82) with operations across the world. World Mosaic subsidiaries are Yahki, registered as Yahki Pty Ltd, incorporated in NSW Australia (ACN is 616 130 584) with operations in Australia, EMEA and North America; mme moe Pty Ltd, incorporated in Australia (ACN 608 861 070) with operations in Australia, the UK and USA. World Mosaic’s private edtech business and market consulting unit trades as Private Mosaic. Our professional services business to government education departments and agencies trades as Government Mosaic. Our Software and Education as a Service product portfolio is marketed as Services Mosaic, including BigBox, Flash Factory and Inspire along with Yahki and mme moe.