Private Mosaic

Private Mosaic is a global provider of market entry, strategy and investment consulting services for software and digital media companies operating in, or seeking to operate in, the education market. For over a decade, we have helped edtech companies and entrepreneurs get their domestic and international market act together. We help them create a stronger story and platform for investors. We assist everyone from large corporations with structural adjustment challenges, through to individuals with great edtech inventions but limited market-building capacity. And we help SMEs in between. You can take a look at our diverse global client base.

´┐╝Private Mosaic is one of the most connected operators in the global edtech space. Their strategy and execution expertise is top-shelf. Many big edtech market developments around the globe can be traced back to Private Mosaic operating in the background.

World Mosaic assisting edtech providers, securing regional and global recognition.

World Mosaic with education technology leaders in Paris in February 2015.

Perhaps you are a US, EMEA or Asia-Pac company looking to enter or grow in the global education market?  Maybe your product strategy needs tightening or you would benefit from fresh ideas and a high-value business network? Perhaps your new edtech solution has grown in one market and there is an opportunity to take it abroad? Perhaps you developed great software and want to take it to the world? Private Mosaic will take you there, enabling you to kick bigger goals. Check out our edtech international market entry case studies.

Here's what Private Mosaic will do for you:

  • ´┐╝Research and advise you on which domestic and international edtech markets to focus on, how, why and when
  • Undertake the new market development with/for you, setting up your initial sales and pipeline
  • Assess your offering and provide product feedback for specific markets so sales grow
  • Assist you tune your message, pricing and go-to-market strategy
  • Advise and deliver on distribution, partnerships and/or direct sales
  • If your edtech product is just an idea or prototype, we'll help you refine it, complete development and commercialise
  • Guide you through product localisation if needed
  • Organise trials, Proof of Concept and local case studies to inform your operations and market
  • Advise and facilitate local presence needs, for example, when, how and whether to establish an offshore company
  • Provide cultural and market intelligence and connect your key people with buyers, influencers and partners
  • Assist your organization in its adjustment to new markets and deal creation
  • Assist you with investor communications and connect you with investors
  • Reduce the time, cost and risk of your market development
  • Provide the option of interim CEO and CXO services
  • Roll up our sleeves and facilitate ongoing quarterly or annual strategy workshops and reviews for board and management
  • Assist with specialist international executive recruitment and services outsourcing
  • Walk you full circle through trade sales, fund raising, mergers and acquisitions.

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