Our history

Our history

World Mosaic was founded in 2007

World Mosaic turns 10!
In education technology, a decade is a long time. In January 2007, Mosaic began in a home office in Sydney Australia. Back then, our focus was business consulting, assisting US, UK and Australian edtech businesses to expand locally and internationally. We were also research and management consultants for education departments in Australia, New Zealand and the US. Encyclopedia Britannica, Hitachi Data Systems and New Zealand Ministry of Education were among dozens of Mosaic clients at the time. Despite the Global Financial Crisis and major currency shifts, World Mosaic experienced rapid organic growth, serving dozens of industry and government clients across five continents.

By 2011, World Mosaic operated from small bases in Dallas, Dubai, New York City, Boston, Chicago and the UK. As an agile provider, we helped our clients find paths to growth, solving many of their technical, commercial, product marketing, educational and personnel issues – opening up new frontiers. In this period, US Follett Corporation and UK and Australian companies funded Mosaic’s operations and expansion, resulting in significant world-first ‘education cloud’ implementations across British Columbia, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Singapore and the US.

Over the past five years, World Mosaic has established companies in Australia, the UAE and UK, investing in and supporting the launch of education technology assets across the globe. World Mosaic subsidiaries and businesses now include:

Yahki Pty Ltd, a global social media platform for learning.
mme moe Pty Ltd, a mobile coaching app for educators and other professionals.
Government Mosaic, our global edtech strategy consulting business serving education departments.
Inspire, a refreshing project-based integrated curriculum for K-12 across the USA and UK.
BigBox, a constructivist mobile learning app, localised for online and offline use.
Flash Factory, our Flash to HTML5 content conversion and enhancement business..
Private Mosaic, our market development and business strategy division, led by Mark Lamont, having assisted dozens of edtech companies worldwide, including:

  • Teacherin, the UK’s new cover teacher app alternative to agencies.
  • Binumi, a phenomenal video storytelling platform for students and teachers.
  • IST AB, a Nordic edtech company committed to learning and school improvement.

Our 10th birthday celebrations follow mme moe recently winning a Mobile App of the Year iAward in Australia, and TeacherIn being nominated for a prestigious BETT Award in London this month.

Collaboration with Professor Garfield Foundation and Ball State University

In our 10th year, almost 100 business consultants, education specialist, product developers, technicians, entrepreneurs and a growing team of translators are engaged in World Mosaic initiatives across the globe. This year will be our biggest so far as we work on large projects on three continents. In Asia, we are working with international agency stakeholders on an important Life Skills mobile learning initiative. In the USA, Mosaic is assisting Chicago Public Schools in ground-breaking Computer Science education and employment readiness reforms. We are also collaborating with Ball State University USA and the Paws Inc team of Garfield fame. We expect to make announcements about that soon. In Europe, after years of product localisation and market research investment, we are deploying a UK school MIS (or as it is also called, Student Information System or SIS). We will  make more announcements about that in coming months.

To mark our 10th anniversary, World Mosaic team members will be meeting in London UK, Chicago and Austin Texas USA, and Sydney Australia over the next three weeks (January-February 2017), laying groundwork for the year ahead.

World Mosaic is an Australian edtech export success story. We have developed a highly skilled and experienced global team of educators and edtech strategists, created a business driven by the 21st Century learning needs of students in a global community. We have successfully worked in the background to launch some of the largest and most far-reaching education technology initiatives in the world. Find out more about World Mosaic’s global team, subsidiaries, clients, products, markets and partnerships at worldmosaic.co